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By Nigel on Thursday, 29 January 2009 8:30 PM
It has been way too hot to fly the last few nights, but tonight it was a bt cooler.

I readjusted the balance by adding some more nuts to the boom, held in place with a cabletie.  Not pretty, but is effective, and it gives me some adjustment

After adjusting the trim, i started my hover practice again :).  Left and right side in.  If nothing else comes of this, at least i know my left side in hovering is improving LOL

I have a huge stigma with trying to do nose in in the front yard for some reason.  I think its the lack of space and height.  Once i start getting comfortable with it, then i will be ok with it.

By Nigel on Monday, 26 January 2009 11:20 AM
Some more practice.

The first flight i did out the back.  I am finding the back yard a little confined and turbulent to perform the practice comfortably.  I can do it, it is just  harder due to the constant turbulence.

Second flight was done out the front yard. As per the previous flight, I spent a lot of the time rotating from left to right side in hovering and back again.  The second flight I also included moving out, hovering, then moving back in and hovering.  I also tried some...
By Nigel on Sunday, 25 January 2009 8:54 PM
I adjusted the settings for ST-2 for the Mini-Titan to those of ST-1 for the 600n.  These settings Bill setup yesterday to try and smooth the hovering out, so larger stick movement is needed to adjust height.  I have been told that these settings are not good for flying.

ST-2: Pitch: 20-45-60-75-95 Throttle: 35-38-43-53-65

Changed from: Pitch: 0--50--100 Throttle: 75--50--75

The settings made a difference.  I was able to stay at a constant height a lot easier than I have.

By Nigel on Sunday, 25 January 2009 6:30 PM
I practiced some of the manouvres that are part of the test for Bronze wings.  Im not very tidy with them, but Thats what it's all about... practice, practice, practice.

Also did some left and right side in hovers and transitioning from left to right and back again.  This is part of the bronze wing test, but you don't need to hold the hovers as long as i was.  It was the transition from left to right that was messy .

Battery #5 took 1470ma to charge in 64:01 minutes

By Nigel on Saturday, 24 January 2009 11:30 AM

Wow was the wind strong!

It was definately a challenge to keep the titan sitting in one spot.

Didn't do much in the flight other than mostly tail in hovering with a couple of piros.  It struggled to get around at one point, fighting the wind.  Did a very small amount of right side in hovers as well.

Battery #4 took 1210ma and took 55:44minutes to charge for a 7 minute flight

By Nigel on Saturday, 24 January 2009 11:30 AM
Two flights with the T-Rex today.  The wind made it hard, but it was a lot easier than the Mini-Titan.

The first flight was 7 minutes, and was hovering with some right and left side in.  The wind was making it difficult for me to comfortably side-in hover, but i did perservere.

The second flight (8 minutes), I had an attempt at getting Bronze wings.  Bill helped me "smooth" out the curves that I had, which has helped, but I ran out of fuel and had to perform another mini-auto from about...
By Nigel on Wednesday, 21 January 2009 11:00 PM

This was the first flight with the newly  re-painted canopy.  It looked good in the air.

I started at one end of the verandah, and flew out into the back yard, fron one end to the other, then proceeded to do my hover practice.  Again, just lots of left and right side in hovering.

Battery #5 took 1378ma and 58:12 minutes to charge for a 7 minute flight

By Nigel on Monday, 19 January 2009 8:56 PM

I was a bit iffy about having a flight, but I got the "itchy thumb" syndrome LOL

Had a bit of fun before concentrating on left and right side in hovering.
After taking off tail in, I turned right side in, flew forwards (between a couple of posts in the carport), turned tail in and moved out into the back yard.

After that bit of fun, i continued my left and right side in hovering

Battery #4 took 1634ma to charge in 65:48 minutes for a 9minute flight

By Nigel on Sunday, 18 January 2009 9:16 PM

I had to squeeze another flight in.  My heli's are so much fun to fly at the moment.  I could fly all day LOL

It was getting dark, but still enough light to fly.  Basically the same as the last flight.  Hovering, concentrating on left side in.
I am improving, able to keep the heli in a smaller area.

Battery #5 took 1427 ma to charge in 57:16 minutes for an 8 minute flight

By Nigel on Sunday, 18 January 2009 11:30 AM

Basic hovering.  Concentrating more on left side in

The little mini is running really well at the moment.  Trim is almost spot on, with me able to do hands off hovers with only slight adjustments in attitude.

Battery #4 took 1408 ma to charge in 65:18 minites for a 7 minute flight

By Nigel on Saturday, 17 January 2009 11:30 AM
I have finally sorted out the leaning issue.  The clunk line.  I hovered virtually 2 tanks today with no lean out issues.  Unfortunately I haven't been able to get any decent clunk line to replace the crappy Align stuff.

First flight I managed to spend some time in all orientations, but the wind was unsettling me when nose in.  Second tank I wasn't able to go nose in as there was another flyer flying where I wanted to be for my hovering.

But another 2 flights, totalling 13 minutes flying...
By Nigel on Wednesday, 14 January 2009 7:30 PM
I replaced the clunk line in the tank.  When I removed the tank from the heli i noticed the clunk weight was at the front corner directly under the grommet.

The Align clunk line had split at both ends, leaving the weight rolling around.  This would definately be causing a problem LOL.  I also think that it wa starting to go on the weekend, hence the reason the motor ran fine until the fuel level got low.

I just did some hovering to use the last 100ml of fuel that i had removed from the tank on saturday arvo.  Heli ran nicely, not screaming at all.  Temperature of the back plate was a tad warmer than luke warm.  I ran the last little bit of fuel out and the motor did lean out a bit then, but put some 3-in-1 oiil in the carb and gave the starter a quick blip to move the oil around..  Its quite a challlenge to get the oil into the carb throat.  Had to make an extension for the oil bottle to reach hehe.

By Nigel on Monday, 12 January 2009 8:00 PM
The weather was really nice. Warm, but nice,

I took off from the middle of the carport, flew forwards out from under the carport into the back yard.  Up and into left and right side in hovers.  After turning the gain up (the correct way helps heaps LOL) it is definately a lot nicer to control.

I have adjusted the throttle curve for st1 to be 70-55-70 and this seems to work really nicely (also increased the countdown timer to 7minutes).  The heli definately seems a lot easier to control...
By Nigel on Sunday, 11 January 2009 8:30 PM
Wanted to get some flights in and there was virtually no wind when i went outside, but it soon started to blow.  It was more blustery than anything, so was a nice challenge.

I played with the gyro gain settings and it seemed to do the opposite of what I ws expecting.  I didn't expect an exaggerated wag when i reduced the gain, but thats what I got.  DUH... I just realised that I was going the wrong way with the gain value.  For some strange reason I thought that 100% gain was all the way to...
By Nigel on Saturday, 10 January 2009 12:36 PM
This was a bit more of a test flight again to see how well the motor went.

It went very well and I ended up flying for about 8 minutes, I landed a couple of times to check the temp and ended up leaning it a further 1 click.  I landed at around the 8 minute mark because the rpm's were fluctuating a bit.  Temp was still fine (bit above luke warm) and there was still about one cm of fuel left i decided to go up for another minute.  I did notice that there were little bubbles in the fuel line. ...
By Nigel on Friday, 9 January 2009 7:00 PM
I replaced the fuel line yet again and installed a 3-way filter.  The fuel lines were put back to what the manual suggests being 40mm from tank to filter and 50mm from filter to motor.

The motor started so easily (once i cleared the flooding LOL) and idled well.  It still bogged down a bit when accelerating from idle but it wasn't too bad.  I hovered for a minute or so then landed and checked the temp.  Stone cold.  The engine also didn't "scream" like it did before, so I reckon the shorter...
By Nigel on Tuesday, 6 January 2009 6:30 PM
This was a test flight to see how the motor performed with the new bearings.  It definately idled quieter than it has in a while.

Hovering was better, but not a huge amount.  I richened it up so it is now only a couple of clicks in from 1.5 turns out.  It ran well, but did seem to surge at times.

I am now starting to wonder if it is the fuel line setup that I have cuasing it too lean out at higher revs.  I will change it back to what it was when i first got the heli to see how it goes.

By Nigel on Tuesday, 6 January 2009 6:30 PM
Wind wasn't too bad, but i had the roller door open making a wind tunnel and increasing the gusty.  The wind was having fun with the heli hehe.  Making it dance around like its on a bungee rope.

I have tried some different throttle curves, reducing down to about 50% at mid stick on idle-up.

The tail is holding a lot better now.  I will reduce the gain a tad more and see how it goes.  I also had to increase the rudder endpoints as the piro rate was way too slow (I practiced the usual...
By Nigel on Sunday, 4 January 2009 7:30 PM
Being dissatisfied with the tail holding, I thought I would play with the gyro gain to see if I could get any improvements.

As a test I adjusted the gain up too 100%.  Was funny lifting off and watching the heli swing right, then almost 180degress to the left then back again.  The wag was extremely exaggerated.  I reduced it to about 90% and it was better, but still a small amount of wag.  I reduced it down to about 85% and still a small amount.  Back to shere it was (about 80%) and wag was...
By Nigel on Saturday, 3 January 2009 12:30 PM
Only did one flight with the Mini titan today.  The wind even though breezy at times was a little too strong for comfort.

The tail, now even though it holds gets extremely twitchy at times and caused me to nearly crash.

It has been like it for the last few flights, and im not sure if its a gyro setup issue or the gyro is faulty.

Some nose, left and right side in hovering, and some "recovery" as well.

Battery #4 took 1574ma and 62:01 minutes to charge for a 6 minute flight

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