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By Nigel on Wednesday, 13 February 2008 9:11 AM
As i think i mentioned in an earlier blog, i have a full size tail servo (as provided with my DX7 radio)  This meant that i had to add some weight to the front of the heli to counter-act the larger servo.  A 2500ma AA NiMH battery so far has been providing the additional nose weight, balancing the heli very nicely.

Given that the battery is not really a nice thing to have sitting in the front, i have been trying to work out something a little more practical to use to balance out the heli. ...
By Nigel on Tuesday, 12 February 2008 8:58 PM
I definately prefer flying on an oval to my back (or front) yard.

Don't get me wrong... Flying in the yard is convenient, and nice and challenging due to the additional turbulence associated with houses and trees being in "close-ish" vicinity, but it is a lot easier flying on an oval where the trees and buildings are a fair distance away.  I guess it keeps your concentration up, but also the downside is that you are always flying with the heli only a couple of metres away from you, so when...
By Nigel on Sunday, 3 February 2008 9:10 PM
Did something different today with this flight...

My brother-in-law and me went to one of the local school ovals for flying.  He was going to fly his E-Go Cessna 182, and of course me flying my Mini-Titan.

His maiden flight didn't go too well, even though he got it off the ground, a cross wind planted it into the ground with it cart-wheeling.  Thankfully no real damage.  The motor was pushed back slightly, and the rear tail fin came unglued.

My flight on the other hand went very...
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