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RC Car Suspension Tuning Into

With the suspensions on today's Rc vehicles being so sophisticated, learning the art of rc suspension tuning can be difficult. Rc suspension tuning can also be very overwhelming.

It can be very confusing as where to start if you are trying to improve your handling and performance.

When you start tuning your suspension it can develop into a chain reaction. You could very easily improve one thing, while making many other things worse or vice versa..

Plus, there are so many other things that can and do affect the handling on your rc vehicle.

One - your driving style.
Two - a 2wd or 4wd car or truck.
Three - an off-road or on-road vehicle.
Four - the type surface you are running on.
Five - the tires you are running.
Six - type of drive train, shaft, belt or gear driven.
Seven - type of differential, ball or gear.
Eight - transmission or direct drive.
Nine - type of clutch, slipper or centrifugal.
Ten - type of power plant, electric motor or nitro engine.
Eleven - Manufacturer
Twelve - Model

There can be many other things than the ten different items listed above that can and do affect the performance of you rc car or truck. So, explaining how to tune your specific car or truck would be impossible.

The goal of these pages is to explain in general terms and conditions how many of the different parts of your suspension can and will change the performance of your car or truck.

Rc monster truck To make your rc suspension tuning easier, many different companies make a setup station or system.

These systems make rc suspension tuning much easier and less time consuming.

One other key to suspension tuning is keeping good notes or using setup sheets. Using setup sheets or keeping good notes will give you an advantage when it comes to making any changes to your suspension due to changing conditions.

Besides keeping track of the changes you make to your suspension, also keep notes on weather and track conditions.

Rc nitro buggy

Let us now take a closer look at some of the different aspects of suspension tuning and how changing any of these can affect your handling and performance.

How changing Wheelbase affects your rc car or truck.

What is Caster and what is does.

How Camber affects handling.

How Toe-in and Toe-out affects your handling.

How Sway Bars affect your Handling and Performance.

How different Shock Angles change handling and performance.

How Spring Weight and Spring Preload affects handling.

What Shock Damping is and how changing it can affect performance.

How changing Ride Height can affect handling.

What is Droop and how it affects handling.

What is Ackerman Steering and how does it affect handling.

How Anti-squat affects your handling.

Determining Roll Center and how it affects handling.

Freeing Up your Rc Suspension

What is Kick-up and how it affects handling.

rc on-road car

With almost all rc trucks and cars having race inspired suspensions, learning how to tune the suspension on your vehicle can be a huge challenge. The variables when it comes to rc suspension tuning are almost endless.

So, during your learning process make small changes then run your car or truck to see how these changes affected handling and performance either on a positive or negative basis.

It does not matter if you are a backyard basher or serious racer learning how different suspension setups affect your rc car or truck is a big part of this hobby.

All of these different aspects of suspension tuning can affect your high and low speed cornering, jumping ability and straight line handling and speed. So, have fun with it, take your time and keep good notes.

rc on-road race car

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Date Posted: 1/1/2009
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