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Mini-Titan Pitch Curves

A guide on how to setup the initial pitch curve on a Mini-Titan E325.  It could quite easily be adapted for the T-Rex 450 or any other 400-450 size heli.

Thanks to Turkey721 from www.RCGroups.com for this pitch setup guide...

Step 1:
Disconnect the motor from the ESC.  We don't want the motor spinning up while we are trying to setup the pitch

Step 2:
Make sure that all sub trims and trims are set at zero. I will assume that you already have the servo linkages set properly (according to the build book). Next remove all the screws from the servo horns and pop them off.  Also remove the head (main blades hub, washout etc.) but leave the swash plate.

Step 3:
Move the stick to half (50%) and then replace the servo horns making sure they are as close to 90 degrees (almost if not perfect, but we can adjust this with sub trim).

Step 4:
Level the swashplate.  I use a tool but if you take your time you can eyeball it , but try to get it as best you can.  I would strongly recommend a level tool.  You can buy them from Helidirect.  Check the level at 0 stick 50 stick and 100 stick. All should be level.

Step 5:
Now rebuild the head, add all the linkages etc. and set your throttle stick at 50%.
Adjust your pitch so at 50% it is at 0 degrees pitch. If you lower the stick it should goto -8 to -10 and full up should be +8 to +10. You can adjust this as we go.

Step 6:
After the swash is level, and all the head is complete, use a pitch gauge and set it at -2 and place it on one of your main blades. Using your transmitter set it to your pitch curve setting and adjust the blade so the gauge is level with the flybar, this is your first setting or 0 next move your stick to 25% and move the setting to select the 2nd position. Set your gauge to 0 degrees and adjust the setting till it is level with the flybar. Next move the stick to 50% and move the setting to point 3, set the gauge to +3 and adjust until level with flybar. Again move the stick to 75% and change the setting to point 4 on the curve and adjust the gauge to about +6 and again adjust the setting until level with the flybar. Now you should set the stick at 100% and adjust the gauge to about +8 to +10 and set the transmitter to point 5, and adjust the settings until you are level with the flybar.

Step 7:
Move the stick up and down.  You should see a nice even pitch change.

Remeber this is for normal setting not idle up 1 and 2.

Written By: interhost
Date Posted: 2/9/2008
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