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Venom Night Ranger 3d initial Setup

A short guide on some initial settings to help you with your Venom NightRanger 3D helicopter

Im not sure where i found this, but it is quite relevant when setting up your Venom Nightranger 3D.  After going through this and the "Venom NightRanger 3D Quick Setup guide" i was at least able to hover half a pack on this twitchy heli.

  1. First, you will want to make sure the knobs on the front of the transmitter are turned on. To get the knobs to operate, flip the #8 dip switch on the back to the unlocked (left) position. Set both knobs to 12 o'clock.
  2. Center all the trims
  3. With the helicopter turned on, both motors unplugged, mechanically level the swashplate by adjusting the three links that go from the servos to the swashplate. Actually, adjust the swashplate so it is tilted slightly to the right (when viewed from behind) as this helicopter has a tendency to pull to the left.
  4. Now, with the flybar level, sight down the length of each blade, noting how much pitch it has. Set both blade grips to 0 degrees pitch. You will do this by adjusting the long link that runs from the mixing arm to the swashplate. If need be you can adjust the whole head by loosening the setscrew on the aluminium head block and slide it up or down, keeping it engaged with the flat spot on the main shaft
  5. Now that it is adjusted mechanically, turn the PIT (right knob) to the 10 o'clock position. You will see the blades will now have some positive pitch.
  6. Go test fly it. You will note that the helicopter will lift off the ground nice and gently. If it does leap off the ground more, turn the same knob counter clockwise one click at a time. Do note that in order to have equal positive and negative pitch for doing aerobatics you will need to return that knob to the 12 o'clock position, but for hovering and basic forward flight the settings I've mentioned are perfect.
  7. Once you have it flying like you want it, flip the #8 dip switch to the lock position so that if you bump the knobs, it does not mess up your settings.
  8. If you find the helicopter is still to responsive to cyclic, you can move the servo pushrods to the innermost hole on the servo arms.

Written By: Nigel
Date Posted: 12/16/2007
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