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Dyeing of RC Parts

 A step by step guide on how to dye parts

Its important to use a good quality clothing Dye (such as RIT dye)

It can be hard to find that brand in Australia, but it actually comes in this $5 pack of "Uni-Care" dye. the Sachet' inside is actually labelled RIT dye (see right pic of black dye)

We are using golden yellow colour dye but will leave it in longer to get a colour similar to burnt orange.

There are also some pics of purple parts which i dyed black, and some white buggy wheels that were dyed Scarlet Red

You can mix dyes to get your own unique colour if needed.


Clean your rims in hot soapy water. scrub the tyre bead groove/channel so the glue will stick well. If using 2nd hand parts like the purple ones, scrub them so they are spotless.

Find a baking tray or dish ALL FOUR rims will fit into. If you do them 2 at a time they may come out different colour shades so doing them all together is the best option and the only way i do it because i like a perfect colour match

If you must dye 2 rims at a time its best to leave the dye in saucepan on the stove. bring to boil. reduce to low simmer. Take note of how long your parts are in the dye for and repeat EXACTLY the same for your other rims. Be careful because the parts will change colour quicker when left simmering on the stove. 


Boil a kettle full of water and put one rim in the tray and fill with hot water till the rim is submerged to get the correct water level. Remove rim..

Stir in the ENTIRE packet of dye, then add all 4 rims at the same time. i like to put them 'face down" so the good side of the rim is well under water/dye.

After a minute or two, lift one rim out breifly to check the darkness.You can see in the photo that after only ONE minute, they were yellow. we gave them another 5min to get the orange colour

The rim will darken slightly after removing from dye, so take them out a little early. Each time you check the colour, check a different rim so they all spend the same time in the dye.


When they are the desired colour, remove them ALL TOGETHER and rinse under warm water, slowly changing it to cold. this will "set" the colour and stop it going darker.


Allow them to dry, or dry them with a towel. The rims are pictured here as an example of the colour change that took place within 5minutes...
Make 2 small holes on the inside of the rim, opposite each other. this allows the tyre + insert to "breathe" properly over bumps and regain its true shape quicker.

when you squeeze the tyre without this hole  it will stay compressed until the air slowly returns to the foam which causes real bad handling tyres. it will void your rpm lifetime warranty tho.

  Tyres fitted to the newly dyed rims. The pic on the right shows the TRUE colour of the rims

(camera flash affected the colours in the other pics, making them appear darker or lighter)

 Once the dye cools off, put it in a clean soft drink bottle and store out of direct light, for later use.


Thanks to Glenn (Oblivion) for the write up on how to dye parts

Written By: interhost
Date Posted: 10/30/2007
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